Our Mission

Police Test Tutors’ mission is to help participants prepare for and pass the Peace Officers Standard Training (POST) WrittenStanding police officer writing a ticket Exam administered by California police academies and law enforcement agencies. To help candidates succeed, we offer intensive seminars and individualized online tutoring services. Our seminars have helped those interested in becoming police officers for law enforcement agencies across the state such as the California Highway Patrol, sheriff departments and police agencies achieve their desired score, known as the “T-score.”

Our Seminars

Police Test Tutors seminars are typically offered on either a Saturday or Sunday from 8 am – 5 pm with a one hour lunch break. To accommodate various schedules, some seminars are given over a two-day period, usually from 5:30 pm – 9:30 pm each night.

Each seminar participant is given a modified, simulated, POST-like pre-test to assess his or her strengths and weakness on each component of the practice exam. From there, the seminar instructor will cover each main sections of the exam giving clear and easily understood tips on how to master each section. In the latter part of the afternoon, each participant takes an exit test to see how much he or she has learned and to determine in what areas the participant needs additional help. The exit exam is corrected in class and every answer is explained in detail. Note: Participants are not given the actual POST test. Only law enforcement agencies may administer the state test. We simulate questions that help participants hone their grammar, spelling, vocabulary, reading, and Cloze skills that are needed for the exam.

Participants leave with a test prep manual which includes additional practice exams, exercises, and free resources that help ensure that the participant is maximally prepared.

Our Guarantee

We guarantee you will pass the POST Entry Level Written Exam or you can attend any seminar in any location for free until you do pass. Our success rate is remarkably high. We impressively exceed the state of California’s pass rate, which is just over 50% in some areas, and can be lower than 28% in other areas. Don’t be part of that statistic! Sign up for a seminar or personalized tutoring session and go for our Pass the POST guarantee.

Our Trainers

All Police Test Tutors are currently in law enforcement and are instructing or have instructed at police academies in California. Their goal is to fully prepare every participant for the rigorous POST exam and help him or her achieve a passing score. Our trainers can provide a custom study program designed to strengthen areas where the participant needs the most attention. You can call 559.287.5182 and talk to one of the trainers, or click on the seminars and tutoring links.


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