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Alan took the seminar and scored a 66 T-score range which is very high and difficult to achieve. Well done, Alan!

Luis successfully passed his exam and was selected to attend the CHP academy

Audio Testimonials
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Written Testimonials
(original and unedited)

hello, i am writeing you today to thank you and let you know that i passed my test. i believe without your class i could not have passed or got enough confidence in myself to follow through with it. i have never been good in english as you can tell by my email. but, with your help i passed! not only passed but passed with flying colors. my score was a 64.7 on my first time out. i attended your seminar twice on may 18th and 25th once in fresno and the other in marina. i live in hughson 15 minutes from modesto. basically all the time i spent with you and the money for gas and hotels and the 125 dollars for the seminar did not even compare to what i got out of your seminar i would pay five times that if i had to do it again. if it means me passing probably one of the most important test of my life. thank you so much. i would urge everybody going for any kind of law enforcement to attend your seminar.thank you.-Khalid

I went from a 43.6 to a 60.6.  I just completed the physical agility and also the physiological written.  I have my interview this Thursday at 9:30 am.Thanks again!!! -Art S

My name is Aldo G. and I took the take aim seminar in Fresno.  I would like to take the time to thank you for all of your help. This class has been very helpful, I really recommend it to anyone who is struggeling through the written test. This was my third time taking the test, my last score was a 43 and my passing score is a 49.  Once again thank you and I hope you keep on giving these classes, it’s really worth the money you pay.

its keith y. i just wanna thank you for helping me with the post test. I took the test this morning and some how i got the same test i recieved the last time i took the test.. I took all your advice and everything that you taught me and showed me about the test and it was a breaze i just hope i past this time and once again thank you so much.. the cloze was the song that you told me to study…. 🙂 and beleave me i did

Thank you for helping me prepare for the Post Exam. The information and help that you provided were of great help in my studying process.  I went from scoring a 30.6  to a 55.6.
Thanks, -Oscar N

Just wanted to thank you again for helping me “up” my post test score.  With your help I was to take my score of 47 on the post test and turn it into a 58.7!
After attending your free seminar at the Monterey County Sheriff’s department, I picked up a couple pre ’70’s books as you suggested, and started reading.  However, your “paid” seminar that I attended, along with your study guide, are what really made all the difference for me.  Not to mention taking the post test backwards.Thanks Again, -Daniel B.

I took the POST Exam Seminar two weeks before I was scheduled to take the POST.  The teacher explained everything in laymans terms and it was all very understandable.  She cleared up all questions I had and boosted my test taking confidence.  I PASSED with a 52.8!  I recommend this class for anyone planning on taking the POST.  Very beneficial! -Freddie V

My name is Alvin M. I attended your three-hour POST exam workshop at the sheriff’s office in Salinas on May 10Th and I also enrolled in your comprehensive eight-hour seminar at the Holiday Inn in Marina on the 25Th of May.  I just want to thank you for your help.  I took the POST exam on Saturday the 31st.  Today I received my T-score and I’m excited to report to you that with your help and great advice, I was able to achieve a 59.90.  I was praying for a 51.0. Thank you! -Alvin M.

Just wanted to let you know that I tested for both Sac PD and Sac Sheriff. My t-scores are: Sac PD: 67.10 Sac Sheriff: 68.70 (and I’m in Rank 2) 🙂
Thank you so much for your help with the seminar! I’m going to recommend it tomy friends when you come back to Sacramento.

I don’t mind telling people how I did it! I’ve always kinda had a knack for spelling, but I studied the list of vocabulary/spelling words for days, anyway!  I’m glad I did, because certain words, such as “embarrass” and “harass” and such would have otherwise thrown me off.  It helped me tighten my skills.  I know that folks who have good vocabulary/spelling skills will still benefit from studying the list, and I know it will DEFINITELY assist others who aren’t too familiar with certain words. The key for me was repetition.

The clarity part was just fun for me (I’m a geek, sorry).

Also, I’ve always had issues with reading comprehension.  What your seminar assisted me with is remembering to stick to the question; I was asking myself what the question was specifically asking, and left it at that.  I went down the list of choices and checked off each one that wasn’t exactly specific to the question.  So I utilized the process of elimination.  You reminding us to not read or project anything into the question helped me a bunch (the whole “Noah” thing…).

As far as the CLOZE part…In my opinion, a person’s either going to do well, or not.  It’s all about that individual’s already-existing vocabulary.  However, to be redundant, reviewing, reviewing some more, and then reviewing after that the words on the vocabulary list helped me for this part.

That’s about it!  I really enjoyed your seminar.  You were very helpful. And nice.  🙂   Thank you!

I never dance.  I am a horrible dancer.  But I must admit, when I got my T-Scores in the mail, I made up a “Happy Dance.”  I did it twice.  In two days.   🙂  And thanks to you!

Pass on any part of this that you want to.
Well, take care!
Stacy D.
I wanted to ask when your next class was. I scored a 48 I
am almost there. I would like to attend your class again
if possible. thank you for your time and have a great
day. – Richard L

* Richard took the POST exam again after this email and
scored a T-54.0. He has successfully completed the
police academy and works for the Fresno Police

Thank you Take Aim… with the aid of your class i was able to get a T-Score of 53.4 so i was able to pass and reach the limit to get sponsored. -DJG

Eric A
Hello my name is Eric Anderson and I attended your seminar that took place in Sacramento last month. I am pleased to tell you that I received a post score of 65.5 on the CHP post exam. This was my first time taking the test and I feel that without having taken your course I would not have received such a great score. I never went to college after I graduated High school way back in 1994 so it had been along time since I had to take a test. I just wanted to say thanks and come back to Sacramento I have a few friends that could use your course. -Eric A

Hans K
Thanks, yes 68.90 put me into tier 2 which surprised me. I guess tier 1 is pretty difficult. The part that helped me most was the grammar. You had a way of making it easier to understand. Its funny but I honestly learned more about grammar in your classes then in high school. The cloze helped me also just for the fact that I had never heard about it until I took your class and would have been taken by surprise had I not known. I have been a poor speller all my life so I literally took all the spelling words in your book and wrote pages and pages of words for muscle memory. Lastly all the little things you say on the side i.e. “this is always on the test” or “think of hawk when spelling awkward.” Those all come into play when taking the test. Thanks again. Hans K.

Hi Stevie, I passed the written test. My score was a 46.3, that was a weeks worth of studying.  Do you think I should take it again to raise my score?   It looks like the January academy is full. So I have plenty of time.
Thanks, Heather O

Jeremy N
Hi Take Aim,
Just wanted to tell you the awesome news. I did it !!! I passed the C.H.P.
written post test with a score of 50.9. Before I took your seminar the first
time I took the test I scored a 43.7 not too shabby but not a passing score.
Your seminar helped me gain the edge and confidence I needed to pass. The email you sent me about a week before the test really inspired me to study hard. For the time on the test we were given 2hr. and 30min. to complete the written exam. With the materials that I studied the written exam went very smoothly almost easy, even the dreaded cloze. I finished the written exam in 1hr. and 25min. with full confidence that I passed for sure this time. Just received the notification today in the mail and I was so excited. Thank you so much for doing what you do, taking your seminar was worth every penny. I will definetly recommend your seminar to everyone I know persuing a career in law enforcement. Thanks again for everything, I can not thank you enough. Please feel free to use this email to inspire others.
Take care,
Jeremy from Merced

P.S. Do you happen to have Rudy’s phone number, he took your seminar the same time I did as well as the brush up a couple of weeks before testing. I did not catch his last name and forgot to get his number before I left. He promised everyone during the brush up where we went into our own little study group a tri-tip diner on him if we passed. He was testing for Fresno PD if that helps narrow it down. Well thanks again for everything.

Thanks for all of your help.  After taking your seminar, I passed the written test with a 49.2 percent.  I never got a change to study like I want to, but I remembered the tricks that you taught me and it went a long way.  Again, thanks for your help and have a great Thanksgiving.  Justin D

My name is Ryan Grant, and I was in your Feb.10th POST seminar class in Bakersfield. I would just like to thank you for all that you are doing for others around the state who want to get into the California Highway Patrol. I just received information from the recruiter this weekend that I had passed the written test given on March 1st. Without your seminar, I do not believe I would have been successful on my first attempt. Thank you again so very much for taking the time to help others reach their goals. I will get back to you with the scores since I have not received the news via the mail.
Ryan G.

Sean S
Hello. My name is Sean S. I attended your 2 hr and 8 hr seminars a couple of weeks ago in Ontario. I previously scored a 43.4 on the September post exam. I took the post exam again two weeks ago. I just received my results and I scored a 62.8. I want to take the time and thank you for doing what you do. Once again, thank you.

Steve S
Hey Take Aim,
I scored 49.0 on my t-score I’ll tell James to get in contact with you thanks again.
Steven M
I passed the test. 50.8  Thank you so much. -Steve

Marc L
I wanted to let you know my score on the Post written exam. I received a score of 63.5 on the exam. Thank you very much for giving the class and thank you for all of your help. The next step for me is the physical on the 13th of December. I just recently pulled my ham string so I’m hoping to get healthy before then. Thanks again! 🙂 -Marc L (In your Monterey Class on Nov, 8th)

Erick T.
Good morning and Happy Thanksgiving, I don’t know if you remember me but I attended your seminar in Santa Monica then I attended the one in Ontario and Redondo Beach. I had taken the CHP written exam two times prior to taking your seminar. My first score was 35.2 and the second score actually went down to 30.1. After taking your seminar I can happily tell you I have passed the CHP written exam with a score of 48.4. It is fitting to be writing this on Thanksgiving because I am thankful for the work you are doing. If I wouldn’t have heard about your seminars I would be having a hard time. Thank you for taking the time to help everyone with this. Happy Thanksgiving, Erick Torres

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